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In Shaa Allah, I will be joining the Riders of Shaam Team in June, for one of their toughest Cycling Challenges, all in Aid of supporting the less fortunate across the globe. 


I will be cycling 350 miles over 6 days, along with 25 riders and 4 Support Personnel, from Toulouse in France, to Barcelona in Spain.  The elevation will be almost the equivalent of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.



I am also participating in the Fasted 500 Cycling Challenge in Ramadhan, where I will be cycling 500km over the month, whilst in the state of fasting

This year I will be fundraising for two core projects which I am focusing on.


Firstly, the Gaza Emergency Appeal, one of the biggest humanitarian Crisis which we have faced.  One Naiton have 5 teams on the ground in Gaza and are working tirelessly feeding those in need and distributing aid.  This is one of the worst humanitarian crisis of modern times.


Secondly, I am also supporting The Iftaar Hot Meals Campaign, which will help feed our brothers and sisters in so many areas such as Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, to name but a few.


We have partnered with One Nation UK, a registered UK Charity which operates in over 40 countries and operate on a 100% Donation Policy.


Your support will help towards Emergency Relief, Food Distribution, Medical, Water, Shelter, Hygiene Kits, Clothing as well as so much more.


Since 2012, with your amazing support, Riders of Shaam have raised around £1.7 Million.  This has not only changed lives but also saved lives.  Our members have also been out on the ground, alongside the charities we work with, helping to deliver aid on the ground.


The 2 Projects I am focusing on are Zakat Eligible. Please refer to our 2024 Projects Flyer for Full Details.  Should you wish to donate to other campaigns please feel free to go to the main campaign page on the Riders of Shaam website, pick the campaign, but remember to quote my name in your donation comments, which will appear after the payment page.


Thank you so much for visiting my page and donating and please do share my page to your friends, family and colleagues.  Every pound makes a difference.


Your donation can provide:


Save lives by providing hungry children & families with nutritious meals


Your donation today can help us supply life-saving medicines for families in need


Donate to setting up large scale sustainable projects to provide safe water for life


Help us save lives wherever disaster strikes - donate to our Emergency Response


Help towards giving individuals and families the ability to provide for themselves

"The believers are like one body in their mutual love and affection: if one limb is injured, the rest responds with sleeplessness and fever"

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